Mary Takemoto

used computers in her former life to create applications for criminal justice and property assessment systems. Now she uses computers and other digital tools to manipulate images from the natural world to create art. Although she has studied at various schools around the Bay Area it is the skills she acquired at Berkeley City College that allow her to reinvent herself as a digital artist. Her work attempts to capture the beauty of nature by emphasizing its changeability and transitory essence. 


     Fall Eastern Sierra

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Yukari Tanaka

is a digital artist and photographer. She currently lives in San Francisco and is originally from Fukuoka, Japan. She has been a crafts person since she was a child and enjoyed drawing, embroidering, and beading. Her lifelong interest in visual arts, crafts, and photography led her to study digital imaging and digital printmaking at Berkeley City College. During her time at the college, she became skilled in a variety of software, which she uses to create illustrative graphic images. Animals and nature figure prominently in her work. She has a deep-seated affection for animals visually captured as digital illustrations, which she further embellishes with lively patterns and stitches, as well as a subtle consideration of space. Her series of animal portraits integrate photographs with drawings, creating deeply enigmatic collage art that captures the beauty and innocence within each animal. 


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Kevin S. Tikker

works in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been in 28 exhibitions to date. He started out with an interest in photography and calligraphy, and then after obtaining his first computer in 1997, went into the digital realm. He is also a published historian and cited source in automotive and firearms history. He is a founding member of the Digital Artists Collective, and has served as archivist, secretary and president. In 2007 he was selected to be in the Art of Digital show in San Diego, being one of 181 artists selected to display from 2038 submissions from 40 countries. 



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Pearl Jones Trantor

“Taking photographs has been a part of my life since my mid twenties. The transition from film and printing mostly black and white pictures to digital files and printing on a digital printer began just over ten years ago. Compositing, composing, printing images of interest along the way, to share now and then with others is almost a 24/7, 360 day a year job and a pleasure. More and more the environment and the beauty of the world in all its not quite perfectness, leads me on my path. Most recently, a trip to a local public garden introduced me to some not really wild but certainly wonderful plant creatures, one of which I share here.”


Thrust against the dirty hothouse windows lusty aloe thrive

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Gary Turchin

is an award-winning poet and writer, performer, and visual artist. His repertoire includes books, films, performances, illustrations, as well as digital and photo/ graphic art. Gary is the author/illustrator of the wondrous, If I Were You (Simon DeWitt 2011) and the award-winning illustrated verse collection, Ditty-Ditty Doggerel; A life From Bad to Verse (Simon DeWitt, 2012). His most recent poetry collection Falling Home was published in 2013 by Sugartown Publications. Gary’s illustrations have been collected in The Book of Self & Other Drawings (Green Man Press, 1995). His fine art has been shown in galleries near and far, including Gallery 1650, Los Angeles; Brick Alley Gallery, Sacramento; Expressions Gallery, Berkeley; BridgeHead Studios Gallery, Alameda; Bryn Mawr Hospital, Pennsylvania; The Berkeley Arts Center, Berkeley; A.P. Tell Gallery, Phoenix, AZ; Natsoulas Novelozo Gallery, Sacramento; Laurel Art Works Gallery, Oakland; Berkeley City College Gallery, and many more.


Condominium Tree

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Renate Valencia

iIs a New York City transplant with a degree in sociology from Columbia University, is a traditional and new media artist living in El Cerrito with her husband, son, mother and Maine Coon. In 2003, she opted out of a business career to go to culinary school, interning at the San Francisco Chronicle’s Food and Wine department. She occasionally works as a freelance food writer and business consultant, but only when family members complain loudly about the cost of her art materials and digital printing. Renate started drawing and painting some 45 years ago, and became interested in digital art more recently, namely after having “maxed out” of painting classes at Berkeley City College, at which point her son, a Multimedia Arts student, suggested she investigate “the other side” and take a studio photography class. Since then, digital photography has been at the core of much of her work.


Beets & Radishes

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Arden Kamille Varnel

expresses herself as a multimedia artist, photographer, dancer and writer. Her creativity moves between these, and they support one another. The focus in the visual arts combines photography, analog media such as acrylic and watercolor paints, collage and digital software. She writes poetry and likes to tell stories in words and images. She has deep family, educational and spiritual roots in Berkeley, CA, where she works in her studio and lives. Her formal education is in Humanistic Psychology, graduating from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in this field. Her self-employment has varied, from psychotherapist and college teacher, to dancer, property manager, fiduciary and trustee. Her work is held in private collections, and published. 


Blue Gown

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Elon Walton

grew up in Berkeley, California. “The Bay Area is full of interesting places and people. I’ve always closely observed the world around me. When I discovered photography, I was amazed to be able to share my observations with the world. I want to inspire others to take time out of their busy lives to enjoy the simple things in life.”



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Lanny Weingrod

lives and works in Berkeley California. He received his art education at the San Francisco Art Institute, California College of the Arts, and Berkeley City College. His work has been in numerous shows in the Bay Area. He is both a photographer and painter always exploring the relationship between the two media. 


Grey House Mekong Delta, Vietnam, 2012

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Liz Wiener

has been a practicing artist from a very early age. She attended art schools in New York City and was an independent video/film artist and teacher there for over 15 years. She is delighted by the creative opportunities afforded by digital media and is extremely grateful to the Multi Media Arts Department at Berkeley City College for providing a thriving environment so that digital artists may continue to pursue their visual journey. Liz has exhibited in many venues in the Berkeley, Oakland and Marin areas. 



Kimono in a Storm 2

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Carol Witten

Carol Witten studies the potential of digital photography and image composition at Berkeley City College. She loves to photograph while walking the street capturing those one-of-a -kind scenes that reflect a landscape of casual fragmentation that floats between fascination and fantasy. Her photographs are shown in local juried and group shows. She has studied art at Banff Centre of Fine Arts, on scholarship, University of Hawaii, and University of California, Extension.


The Propellor

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Sheila Wood

Unintended Consequences is a series of manipulated photographs about our industrial and energy production machinery. As our world struggles with global warming and ever increasing energy needs, this architecture of power looks both beautiful and foreboding. As a painter and digital artist, I hope to communicate more than simply a place. ~ Sheila Wood



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Geoff Wycoff

25 years ago, as I was signing my name to the base of the first of my own photographs. It gave me goosebumps and I was completely absorbed. That image was of Judith Henry’s gravestone (Manassas Battlefield, 1861). Wrapped in a protective black iron fence, her marble stone stands strongly against the dissolving, mist-encompassed, trees and hill forms in the background. The photograph above, from the photo-impressionistic journey (2014) titled March 22nd, reminds me of that image long ago. The same themes that were emerging then are still guiding my work: the stretching of time, connecting with the relationship between the weight and optimism in our reality, and trying to stimulate a fresh observation for the viewer. Finally, I continue to be inspired by a quest to remind myself (and the viewer) of the nature-grace, the wonder, that abounds in our world. Geoff has his fine art studio in Oakland, and event photography portfolios (Click Albums):


Bare Series: March 22nd

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Bijan Yashar

was born in Tehran, Iran and has been living in California since 1979, when he and his family moved to the United States. A Bay Area-based video artist and photographer, Yashar has an MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute, and an MA in Educational Psychology from UC Berkeley. Yashar is currently an Adjunct Professor at California College of the Arts and teaches digital photography at Berkeley City College and Las Positas College. He also has taught as a visiting artist at the San Francisco Art Institute, Saint Mary’s College and UC Berkeley’s Academic Talent Development Program. 


Girl and Calf (Led through Meadows)

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Miguel Zavala

“I am a young aspiring digital artist with a multicultural background. Raised in Mexico by a large family of musicians, I grew up with a fascination for performers and their way of expressing their ideas and thoughts through forms of art. Unfortunately, I was never a good singer or dancer, but I did manage to express my visions and stories through the form of visual images and narrative stories. This drove me to take part in visual narratives, mostly film, since this allows my stories to be told through digital imagery. Following this interest I´ve been introduced to photography, theater, literature, graphic narratives and film production. Now a student at Berkeley City College, I am looking to expand my horizons in film and digital storytelling to bring my stories and visions to life.” 


Little, Big World

still image from video

Minoosh Zomorodinia

is an internationally exhibited Iranian photographer, artist and filmmaker. Her exploration of different areas of art, such as video and installations, has had a direct effect on her primary medium: photography. She believes in and trusts the intuitive creative process to reveal and give form to unconscious and deeper mysterious truths. She serves on the environmental artists group Open Five in Iran, and a Board Member of the Women Environmental Artists Directory. Her work has been exhibited in The Altered Landscape exhibition, and is part of the permanent collection at the Nevada Art Museum. Minoosh received MFA Fellowship from San Francisco Art Institute. She has a B.A. in photography and an M.A. in graphic design from the Art and Architecture University in Tehran, Iran, and a Multimedia video art Certificate from Berkeley City College. Currently, she is an MFA candidate in New Genres at the San Francisco Art Institute. 



Rite of Passage

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