Stefanie Reagan

Beginning at age ten with a Brownie camera, and journaling, Stefanie took control over some important aspects of her life. In 1970’s Denver she sold cameras so as to study and purchase her “first”; a Canon FT-QL. She travelled photographing in Europe for several years. Coming home to Minneapolis, she began a career in portraiture and Social Documentary. Diane Arbus, was an early influence. From Minneapolis to Colorado in the 1980’s; she studied Lee Friedlander and Yoga at school. 1990 brought her to the west coast and California. Chasing photographically the Grey Whale in 1996 Baja California she also began an interest in Twilight/ambient lighting which is still with her. Since then, she has been transiting to the digital mode of photography. She lives with another artist and their cat. She hopes to graduate with a degree in Studio Arts and to start a business including portraiture soon.


             Double Exposure 1            

archival inkjet print


A scratch on the rib, or something that bothers you. The name is a play on words and a bit of humor noir. For the past thirty-six years he has been an active member of the International Surrealist movement, since his introduction to Philip Lamantia and the Bay Area Surrealist Group in 1975. He has been involved in several major International Surrealist exhibitions and solo shows. As a Visual Artist, Performance Artist, Storyteller, Poet, Musician, Ribitch is a true Multimedia artist. He considers each discipline an extension of the unconscious and a pathway to the marvelous. Ribitch is now opening newdoors into the Digital World, a world where everything is possible and where the invisible is made visible. In 2008 Ribitch joined with fellow surrealist Eric Bragg and started Oyster Moon Press, a non-profit publishing house for surrealists. They just published their eighth title. Ribitch just published his first book for Oyster Moon, “Carnival of Sleep” and his second book, “The Family: Desecrated Photographs” is planned for release.


The Hallway

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Cheryl Robertson

Is originally from New York, now based in Berkeley. She studied at the University of Illinois, first in Champaign-Urbana and later at the Chicago campus, where she earned a BFA in Painting and Printmaking. Her interest in the visual arts has evolved into an exploration of digital printmaking – employing photography, high resolution scanning and various compositing techniques – and at times including traditional analogue techniques. She is intrigued with the possibility of communicating a moment; of fostering a sense of recognition of common experience, even if it’s vague and unsettling – and especially if it starts a process for the viewer that continues to flourish for a while.



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Chris Roche

I’m interested in the inherent enigmatic qualities of the photographic medium over the idea reportage. I feel that the well crafted photograph is inherently largely without context and is therefore an abstraction. Working around this idea allows me more respect for the medium.



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Ron Rothbart

lived in New York, Florida, Illinois, and Massachusetts before coming to California in 1968. After knocking around awhile, he earned a PhD at UC-Berkeley and then spent over twenty years as a technical writer and manager in the software industry. He’s now retired and devotes much of his time to photography. Rothbart creates simple, graphic images, usually in black and white. His long exposures and photo-editing techniques show highly textured objects against smooth, silky water and blurred clouds. The images often have an other worldly quality. Rothbart’s work has been shown in various group exhibitions. He is a member of Berkeley Fine Art Photographers, the f15 group, and the Berkeley Camera Club, as well as the Digital Artists Collective. One of his images won first place in Thousand Oaks Gallery’s annual photography competition.


Hercules Point Pier

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Joanna Ruckman

iis a Bay Area artist, working in photography, graphic design, jewelry-making and dance. She holds a B.A. in Visual Arts and Cultural Anthropology from Brown University. She is the curator at Subterranean Arthouse in Berkeley, a resident artist at both Fourth Street Fine Art Gallery in Berkeley and Redux in Alameda, a member of the 1030 Art Group, and she teaches digital printmaking at Berkeley City College. Her intention is to create work, which is uplifting and visually stimulating, but also expresses the art and beauty found in everyday moments. Her images are personal and unique and explore how natural elements relate to the figure. She explores themes of modern identity, including the connection between womanhood and nature, and our universal connection to life. 


Hair Story Series: Infinity 

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Elke Savala

was born and raised in Munich, Germany. She graduated from the Meisterschule fur Mode in Munich with a Bachelors Degree in Design. After moving to New York, Elke continued education at the Fashion Institute of Technology and at Parsons School of Design. Currently Elke resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and continues with studies in Multimedia art at the Berkeley City College. In creating art, Elke enjoys utilizing traditional painting materials as well as digital photography and printmaking. 



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Karen Scroggs

Her recent body of work, Antelope Canyon - Imaginative Prism Strokes, unites experimentation with the nuance of watercolors. Karen found “Brush strokes” carved by annual flash floods on the walls of Antelope Canyon offer unique underground subject matter for expanded sensors of today’s cameras. Natural abstracts embedded with reflective mica come alive with digital color. She has received Bachelor degrees in Art/Photgraphy and Music/Voice at San Francisco and Hayward State Universities and accrued twenty years experience in print media and art for businesses and schools. Returning to drawing and watercolor at the Peralta Community Colleges ten years ago, she is now engaged in Multi Media Arts at Berkeley City College. Active with the El Cerrito Art Association and Digital Artists Collective, the last two years Karen has received awards for watercolor and digital photography, participated in four solo and twelve group shows, including publications and National Photographic Competitions


Burnt Sienna

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Barry Shapiro

has straddled two careers throughout his adult life: Academics and Art. He earned his Doctoral Degree in Philosophy from the University of California San Diego in 1972. That same year he was commissioned to do a cover for Ramparts magazine and became the co-editor and art director of PsychoSources: A Psychology Resource Catalogue. The book was published by Bantam Books and immediately became a Book-of-the-Month selection. After teaching Philosophy to college students and Diversity to private and public sector employees, he returned to school in 2002 to study digital arts, video and photography. In recent years, he created a body of work titled, “Spectacles of Devotion: An Ecumenical Suite” comprised of 24 photomontages, which earned him two solo shows and inclusion in over 20 group shows. The large format piece shown here reflects a new direction. You can see forty years of his work at 


Then. Then. So?
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Lili Shidlovski

spent her childhood as an immigrant on an isolated farm in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, and her adolescence in the Bronx. After earning a BA in French Literature at Harvard University, where she first discovered the darkroom, she became a psychotherapist. She has always straddled fences and is interested in photographic portraiture, on the one hand, having published collaborative web stories about social/emotional learning ,and on the other hand, emotionally evocative, sometimes abstract, rural and urban landscapes. Her current work uses intentional camera movement, with minimal editing. She loves the camera more than the computer. Her digital printing is on fine art watercolor paper.



digital archival print

Matthew Silverberg

is an artist working in traditional and new media. He teaches digital printmaking at the Multimedia Arts Department, Berkeley City College, where he has also taught courses in contemporary color, information design, digital portfolio and art marketing. Previously he worked for many years as employee number five at Legato Systems, Inc.—a Palo Alto startup (LGTO, NASDAQ). Matthew has been represented by the SFMOMA—Artist Gallery (painting) and has been active with the Achenbach Graphic Arts Council in San Francisco, most recently as Board Chair. He previously taught digital printmaking at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and image editing skills at the Berkeley Adult School. He is currently co-founder of Digitoms, Inc.— an art, social media, and distributed digital printmaking startup.  


Skein #36
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Sharin Smelser

“I began my Photo-Quilt series in 1990 after living a year in New York near Central Park. Daily walks with my camera in the park and throughout the city. Back in Berkeley I watched a friend construct a quilt, selecting fabrics from her “stash” for their color, hue and pattern. My hundreds of photos of New York and Central Park became my “stash”. I began to study the art of quilters and to collage my photos into traditional American quilt patterns and have been working in the “quilter’s mode” ever since. Cal Rhythms is made from 86 images of the UC Berkeley campus. In the 1960s and 1970s we lived as a faculty family a few hundred yards above Memorial Stadium so the Berkeley campus was our children’s playground. Later I became familiar with the extraordinary campus architecture as a freelance photographer.” 


Cal Rhythms

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