Michael Lafferty

In the early 80s I joined a band that toured the western U.S, including picturesque natural locales. I realized it would be silly not to pack a camera along with my music gear. Somewhere along the line I began transitioning from “picture taking” to “photography.” Since I left my work as a psychiatric social worker I’ve enrolled in digital photography classes at BCC as a way of completing that transition. I currently do “straight” photography, but using digital tools and witnessing the work of BCC students and faculty has changed my attitude about creative manipulation of images. I can’t help but see parallels (and divergence) between music and photography. I’m an intuitive, raw, “blues photographer” developing craft to add more sophisticated “jazz” elements to find and develop my visual voice.



archival inkjet print

Delfina Bernal Laidig

grew up in the Caribbean port city of Barranquilla – “La Puerta de Oro de Colombia” (the Golden Gate of Colombia) and now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with a view to The Golden Gate. Coming from an intellectual family of writers and journalists and encouraged to pursue her dreams, she graduated from the Fine Arts School of the University of the Atlantic in Barranquilla as a protégé of El Maestro Alejandro Obregon. She was part of La Cueva group in Barranquilla that fostered talented artists like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Alvaro Cepeda Samudio, and Alejandro Obregon. In the 1960’s, Delfina moved to New York where she continued her education, studying printmaking under Ben Bianchi at the Parson School of Design. This crucial moment – the explosion of Pop Art and the beginning of the Conceptual Art movement – figured significantly in her development.

    Camera Obscura

archival inkjet print

L'il Sub-Zero Permafrost

was born in NewOrleansEast to an exiled Honduran princess and Creole physicist, then cast adrift in a styrofoam cooler amongst mosquito-laden pussy-willows after rapacious Northern snowball conglomerates displaced its people, young permafrost took suck at the teats of alley-cats, and slept on a bed of microfiche. A voracious, eclectic intellect made of it a prodigious, prolific, polymath autodidact. Declining scholarships to the foremost institutions, it instead embarked on an international career emceeing and p-popping, only to be laid low by a freak break-dancing injury, sustained while dancing to the haunting strain composed especially for it, “P-Poppin’ Inna Headstand”. Whilst incapacitated, the pathological need to constantly master new media led to collaboration with sentient vector and raster softwares, with whom it collaborates to generate novel aesthetics born of the unholy union of art, science, and cats. Join it in the never-ending cultural cold war whose goal is the inevitable subjugation of the hemispherical North.


Our Lady

archival inkjet print

Laurie Lippe

lives and works in California. She holds a BA from the University of Utah in Philosophy, and a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in Painting. Her post fine arts studies include studies at Berkeley City College in motion graphics, photographic re- imaging, digital drawing and collage. The combinations of all of the above make imaging an interesting path with which to understand the world, or at least to try.


LED and Laurie
archival print

Daniel Lippincott

is a former President and Vice-President of the Digital Artists Collective and now serves on the website committee. He lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been pursuing the visual arts for a number of years starting in the field of photography. His current passion is in the process of collaging his photographic work to make more complex and compelling images than a single photograph can offer. In particular, color is his muse and this more than anything else guides his esthetic process. The ongoing exploration of line, shape, and textures keep Daniel engaged with his artistic and personal evolution in the world of visual self-expression. In particular he takes joy in the exploration of how man-made and 'natural' elements interact with one another. Thematically his work is highly diverse ranging from abstracts to modern-expressionist portraiture.


Glassy Abstract
archival digital print

Susan Liroff

“In my work in this catalogue, I combine sketching, painting, photographic imagery and layering of one of my digital abstract works. I have been making Art of some sort all my life and I am rarely without my sketchbook. Photoshop has opened up possibilities and results that feel revolutionary to my experience. Much of my work includes compositions of pure digital abstractions, political “photages” expressing sentiments dear to my heart as well as fish compositions from my experience as a scuba diver, seen in my magazine: Spitfire Tales, the Art of Scuba. (google it!). I also have a series in which I explore areas of Art History and Art from around the world. A short introductory video can be seen on Youtube.com called Woody and Dolly’s Art Adventures. All of my work can be printed in a variety of sizes.”


archival print

Gabriel Martinez

iis an artist and graphic designer. Gabriel’s artwork is best contextualized within the discourse of visual culture. His motivation for creating visual media is influenced by his experiences of working for social justice and equality. Gabriel is a maker of digital prints and screen prints based upon techniques of photography. Media Description:
Hundreds of barracks once filled the Tule Lake Segregation Center during World War II. I superimposed my photography upon the side of a barrack to create murals informed by my experience with the Tule Lake Pilgrimage. There are just a few barracks left to remember this history. I created this series as monuments for the continuing resistance to the unjust incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. 


The Barracks of Tule Lake Concentration Camp

digital archival print

Yoni Mayeri

“I am passionate about creating beautiful images inspired by the natural world and the impact humans are having on the environment. I take photographs of landscapes, atmosphere, botanicals, architecture and people living life. As an avid adopter of evolving technologies, my pieces are created via a photographic process of capture, editing, app stacking, and finally printmaking. Using the highest quality fine art papers, canvas and inks to preserve the beauty and subtle graduations of color in my digital printing is paramount. Attention to the details of gradients and subtle shifts of color are critical to the impact my work makes on the viewer. I have a BFA in Fine Art and an MA in Education. I worked as a commercial photographer for 25+ years in San Francisco. My work has appeared in in many publications and on the web. I have exhibited at several galleries, museums and sell directly to clients. I teach workshops in photography, and iPhoneography to individuals, corporate groups, at UC Berkeley and JFKU.” 


Pastel Rust

iphoneography - digital print

Qadir McCray

was born in Harlem Hospital New York City. He studied Fine Art & Photography at Pratt Institute the late 1980’s. In 1998 he began studying Digital Art & Multimedia at Berkeley City College in Berkeley California. Qadir works in a variety of mediums. He creates his images using photography, digital software as well as traditional artist tools to produce his work. His sometimes-controversial images are meant to engage the viewer with subject matter that confronts current affairs in our world’s society.


Kid with Gun

digital archival print

Gerardo Mendez

Gerardo has been showing in galleries since the mid 1990s. He started out with painting, sculpture, and installation art, although, he is most known for puppetry with his marionettes. Now Mr Mendez is working in photography, multimedia imaging, and video production. His work draws from both universal mythology and biblical texts, from nature and it’s changing landscape, and from insights from his dreams. Gerardo’s art has shown at several community galleries and spaces including Galeria de La Raza, MACLA, Cell Space, ATA, Mission Cultural Center, Museum of California in Oakland, Whittier College, SF State University, BCC, RCC, and
UC Riverside. His goal is to convey messages through his art. 


Mirror Mirror Project
digital archival print

Teddy Milder

Is a mixed-media artist who constructs pieces that integrate textile and digital techniques on fine art and handmade paper, fabric, recycled and alternative surfaces. She explores the tension between hard & soft surfaces, fragility & strength, ancient & contemporary, destruction & beauty, and shifting boundaries among them. Teddy begins with her photographs, scans and drawings from internal, local and distant travels. Her work h Teddy as been shown in local and national venues and was selected for the National Caucus of Women in the Arts catalogue. Teddy studied printing and digital arts at Kala Art Institute, Berkeley Adult School, Surface Design Association Workshops, Haystack Mountain Arts and Berkeley City College. She is on the Board of Directors of Surface Design Association, is a member of 1030 Art Group and the DAC.www.tmilder.com


Berkeley Rumble II

archival pigment print on recycled metal cans hand-stitched with metallic thread; mounted on steel plate 

Joanie Mitchell

was born in Ohio and educated in New York and London. Joanie has traveled the world and lived and worked in Africa and Asia. She recorded her experiences in line drawings, sketching all that she saw. The love of line led Joanie to draw in wax as she studied the art of batik painting in Java and Bali. In 2005 Joanie began learning digital skills at Berkeley City College. Now she moves between the world of batik painting, with its preindustrial technology and deep collaborative relationships, and the cutting-edge practice of digital printmaking. She exhibits her batik and digital art in California and Hawaii, participating in 10 group and solo shows in 2013. For 17 years she has painted batik at the studio of Ketut Sujana in Ubud Bali. She also creates digital art at BBC. 


Visiting Jail
digital archival print

Christine Morlock

Is a Berkeley based visual artist who finds inspiration not only in color and patterns, but in life. Love of cutting and pasting has taken her art from conventional collage to a digital platform, and in some cases combining the two. Christine also shares a love of graphic design and working with various mediums such as glass, in the form of mosaics, stained glass and fused glass pieces.


Remain Frankie

digital archival print

Sima Moshtaghi

“I was born in Esfahan, Iran, one of the most famous cities of ancient art and culture in the world. Every day going to school, I passed through one of the greatest squares in the world. It is called Naghshe Jahan Square, which means “all world’s images.” It has two historical mosques and one palace. All are covered with beautiful calligraphy and Eslimi figures and patterns, which inspired me as an artist. Currently, I focus on graphic design for print and the web. I’m also a painter. I live in Bay Area of California and study Multimedia Arts at Berkeley City College.” 


Smoke Ratio

digital archival print

Irina Mukhacheva

is a digital media artist, printmaker, painter and animator. Her current passion is in the process of combining ink drawings with endless possibilities of multimedia software, to create colorful images, depicting fairy tales, dreams and fantasy worlds. Irina also makes non - digital art such as: oil and acrylic paintings, charcoal and pastel drawings. Her themes: still life, animals, architecture, imaginative worlds.


Flights in the Sleep

digital archival print

Jane Norling

Is a California artist working at the intersection of painting and digital art. Active in Bay Area cultural venues since 1970 as muralist, graphic designer, digital artist and studio painter, Jane holds social and environmental justice at the core of her awareness, with a powerful love of nature at the heart. Merging painting and photography into stark digital abstractions, Jane touches on a pervasive sense of structural collapse while expressing bright moments in the visual landscape. Public collections of Jane’s paintings and graphic art include the Oakland Museum of California, Alameda County Art Collection, CA Dept of Public Health, University of New Mexico Collection of Latin American Posters and the Smithsonian. Her murals are found in the Haight, the Mission District and Berkeley. Jane graduated from Bennington College with a BA in painting and printmaking. Berkeley City College Multimedia brings together 50 years of graphic experimentation. 



Takedown Orange 1

digital archival print on aluminum

Jeannie O'Connor

has been documenting the changing face of West Oakland as redevelopment and gentrification set in. On MacArthur Blvd there is a corner building that was so patterned with graffiti and splotches of color where graffiti was painted over, that the building began to resemble a quilt. She decided to add collage and paint in order to add to the quilted colors and to celebrate the last stand of this building before it is torn down to make way for condos. 

She is a Bay Area Photographer who has taught and exhibited locally and internationally. Jeannie has been the recipient of the SECA award and Phelan awards in Photography and is in many collections, including the Bibliotheque Nationale, The Bancroft Library, the Center for Photographic Studies and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Jeannie taught darkroom photography at Berkeley City College for 11 years. 



MacArthur Mayhem
digital archival print on aluminum

Liz Ozselcuk

Though she retired two years ago, Liz has not yet decided what she wants to be when she grows up. She's okay with that. She knows that it will involve any art or craft that allows her to play with color, pattern and texture. She has been taking photos for years but only started making prints from them a few months ago. She was intimidated by the process but also completely intrigued as she watched the image that had before only lit up her computer screen be transformed in to a new type of reality.

Her future plan includes further exploration of photography in combination with various kinds of textile studies. She enjoys pushing a design back and forth, taking a photo and adapting it to a stamp carving project, then taking the results of stamps made on fabric and applying embroidery or beads, perhaps making another photo of the resulting project to bring her exploration full circle. She looks forward to taking more photography and printmaking classes at BCC as she continues her experiments




digital archival print on aluminum

John Paulin

Grew up in Massachusetts and in college studied Classical languages and ancient Mediterranean religion and culture. Later, at UC Berkeley, I studied Greek tragedy and German and Greek philosophy.  My formal training in the arts includes instruction in Multimedia and traditional arts at Berkeley City College.  I work in a variety of virtual and real media including digital photographs, paints, and ink, which I scan and further manipulate through various digital imaging applications. Currently, I am a writer, researcher, and editor of academic journal articles in subjects that have ranged from Lutheran theology and Mongolian art history to STEM education and Astrophysics--all of which is a continuing education. 



Abstract 2017, No. 2

digital archival print

Rodolpho Perez Mendez

was born in Michoacán, Mexico and arrived at a farm working community of the Salinas Valley in 1972. He has been working as an educator since 1992 with the Oakland Unified School District and is now a practicing photographer living in Oakland.


digital archival print

Katrina Petrus

has been taking digital printing classes at Berkeley City College for 7 years. She has 2 certificates in both beginning and intermediate digital printmaking. She is currently working on her 3rd certificate which is advanced digital printmaking and it will be her last as she will be moving on to work on getting her AA and hoping to transfer to SF State where she will be continuing her studies in digital art.

Katrina is heavily inspired by English op artist Bridge Riley and she also gets her ideas from cartoons and Disney animations. Katrina loves working and experimenting with colors, shapes, and patterns.





digital archival print

Jean Pfann

came to BCC in fall 2011 to explore digital photography and imaginative image compositing. She had already made the transition from film to digital, but wanted to develop an esthetic for printed images. This association has been rich with opportunities to show, see, and discuss work. Jean also makes non-digital monotype prints, largely abstract, and life drawings. These graphics disciplines mutually inform each other. For ten years she made figurative clay sculpture exhibited in group and juried shows. She sometimes works in other media. Her themes: landscape, still life, animals, portraits, people, mythical figures. She earned a B.A. in Art / Art History at Oberlin College. Since 1968 she has made art at: Laney College, Studio One, The Crucible, U.C. Berkeley Extension, the Potter’s Studio, Carol Brighton’s print studio. 


Draped Form With Mask

digital archival print

Jessica Phrogus

“I have always enjoyed skewing mediums with different materials or different people. The art represented here, “Echo Lake Pool” was a photograph I took during a residency at Echo Lake, Tahoe as part of Berkeley City Camps where I was working on different projects. I love living in Berkeley, with its rich cultural heritage and wonderful community.” Education: Master of Fine Art, Printmaking, California College of Art, Oakland, CA. Bachelor of Fine Art, California State University, Hayward, CA. In 2003 my work was shown in the Venezuelan Embassy in Caracas. In 2004, in a show in Firenze, Italy. Publications: “Freedom of Speech” article published in the Dept. of State Magazine January ‘03. Residencies: City of Berkeley’s Family Camps in Yosemite and Lake Tahoe and Kala Institute, Berkeley, CA, part time printmaking.”   


Global Warming in Berkeley
digital archival print

Jo-Anna Pippen

“I began as a painter and completed my BA at UC Berkeley. Enjoying both the process of painting and the immediacy of photography, it wasn’t until 2007 when I took a class at Berkeley City College in digital printmaking that I discovered the means to synthesize the two. Using the technology of the digital world I am able to combine the captured moments of photography with the imaginative design of painting. Hours of reworking a problematic image are reduced and time can be spent reworking an image without the fear of ruining it. My work combines original photographs and scanned objects. This piece, “Blue Rose”, began as a photograph. The image was altered using Snapseed, LensLight and Photoshop. Rarely do I have a vision of how I want the end result to appear. I am interested in experimentation and process. My goal is to push the image by combining the real and the imagined.”


Homage to Matisse 1
digital archival print

Bijay Pokhrel

is an artist working primarily in the realm of illustration. He uses a variety of techniques within traditional and digital mediums to make the finished artwork. He draws influences from myths, fables, and general themes in nature to explore the landscapes and creatures of his own imagination. He graduated from Berkeley City College in Multimedia arts in 2013, and is now working as a freelance artist in the Bay Area. 


Kitsune King

digital archival print

Marcia Poole

spent her early years studying various philosophies and religions and became a Zen lay priest in her mid-twenties. She has continued her spiritual practices, with an emphasis on community action and artistic expression. Poole traveled extensively until the 1980s, when she stopped to relocate and received her BA at SF State College in 1985. She spent the next several years studying art & traveling. Poole joined Mother’s Hen in 1994 and took over the graphics side of the organization, providing posters, web design, books, pamphlets and newspaper ads. She also helped establish and coordinate the Berkeley Poetry Festival. She & Louis Cuneo have produced numerous prints and digitally printed and edited photos since 2010. They have shown in numerous gallery and art centers. 


Fracking Gone Mad
digital archival print

Michael Prouting

he is an Oakland-based Aucklander and a current photography student at Berkeley City College. Michael has taken a variety of photography classes at BCC and at Laney College, and has studied with several well-known Bay Area photographers, both locally and at location shoots outside the Bay Area. He comes from a family of artists, including his paternal grandfather, who was a professional lithographer, and his father, who painted oil portraits of Maori elders.

Michael's passion is to use his art to capture the every-day sublime in a manner that reveals life's truth and beauty.



digital archival print