The Digital Artists Collective is a diverse organization of students and faculty members who actively participate in Berkeley City College’s award-winning Multimedia Arts Program. The club is home to artists who study and create large-format digital prints and photographs.

The mission of DAC is to: (1) support members in learning established and emerging digital technologies toward fine arts production; (2) advance members’ professional development by cultivating and organizing exhibition opportunities, sharing art marketing practices, and disseminating arts-related news; (3) foster a diversity of artistic expression within digital media; (4) stimulate collaboration and teaching opportunities among members; and (5) develop a broader understanding of and appreciation for the new field of digital fine arts.

Representing an arts vanguard focused on new media, DAC promotes respect for a wide array of art and design traditions. Berkeley City College’s Multimedia Arts Program and DAC emphasize the study of digital media and arts marketing. In many cases, DAC members find their source of inspiration in the works of non-digital artists, media, and arts movements.

Why should I join?

  • Learn how to promote your work and to develop your professional awareness and skills through peer mentoring
  • Share news, skills and discoveries with other talented emergent and experience artists
  • Show your work in selected venues with other Digital Artists Collective members
  • Learn how to organize, curate, publicize and mount a professional art exhibit


How do I join?

  • Have your name, a brief bio with a link to your site, if applicable, and a representative sample of your recent work included in the DAC website and our bi-annual print DAC catalogue
  • Membership is open to any registered student or instructor in the Berkeley City College multimedia arts or fine arts departments.
  • Come to a meeting held the third Wednesday of every month during the academic year at 5:00pm in BCC’s fourth-floor main conference room.


How much does this cost?

Group membership is free to members of the Digital Artists Collective at Berkeley City College. Members appearing in specific DAC-sponsored exhibits (“shows”) are expected to contribute a nominal fee—usually approximately $25.00—to cover opening-reception refreshments and marketing collateral costs.